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New programs every month at Exerto.com!

Every month you will find several new exercise programs in many different categories, both with and without use of equipment. Maybe you are ready for trying something new or you want some variation, at Exerto.com there is something for everybody.

The latest exercise program released:

Core w/ Porscha
Hard and effective workout for your abs.

Shape w/ Porscha
Shape legs, butt, arms and chest with simple strength exercises using only your own body weight as resistance

Basic 6, Power Express w/ Porscha
Short and efficient program if you have little time. Strength and cardio exercises put together as circuit training with multiple sets per exercise

Corebar Convention w/ Anita Tonne
This is a tough and hard class with both cardio and strength using Corebar. This is the program that are used at conventions.

OxySculpt w/ Porscha
Strength and conditioning training for the legs, butt, stomach and upper body using weights. Effective program for toning and reshaping your body.

Butt You Can 2 w/ Porscha
Exercises for tight butt, use another program for warm up and stretching. Uses weights and math, but can also be done without the use of equipment.

Magnetic bike w/ Craig
Intermediate class on magnetic bike, good for improving your fitness, includes warmup and cooldown/ stretching.
Read more about Craig at www.cotpt.com


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