Question: How often will there be news exersice programs?
Answer: Normally there will be 2-4 new programs every month.

Questionl: Who is Exerto for, can everybody exersice at Exerto?
Answer: You will find programs in many different categories and levels, and within a program the instructor gives you variations/ alternatives as well. This makes Exerto suitable for most people, just make sure to consult you doctor if you have any injuries.

Questions: Do I need some equipment to exersice at Exerto?
Answer: At Exerto you will find programs both with use of equipment (i.e. fitnessball) and not. In many of the programs it will be nice to have a mat and we recommend some good shoes.

Question: How do I pay to be a memeber?
Answer: When you become a member you register your creditcard where we will withdraw the monthly fee until the membership is terminated. The creditcard information is handle by Payex (www.payex.com) which garanty your safety.

Question: Can I terminate the membership when I want to?
Answer: Yes, at Exerto there is no lock-in period or registration charge. As a first time member you will also have 14 days trial period, if you terminate within theese 14 days you get your money back.

Question: How do I exersice using theese programs?
Answer: The exersice programs/ films at Exerto is complete programs with music and instructions. Just make sure that your computer is connected to Internet using broadband (at least 1 mbps available). Logg in and choose the program you want to do, hit play and follow the instructions given by the instructor.
Many users connect their computer to the TV to get a bigger picture and better sound.

Question: Does it work exersice using Exerto?
Answer: Definitely yes! The workout programs is made by high competent and experienced instructors from all over the world. You will find programs within different categories depending on you main reason for exersicing i.e. loose weigth, improve cardio or strength. Within a program the instructor will also show you variations/ alternatives so that you get the most out of the program.

Question: Can I get help as a member of Exerto?
Answer: Yes, as a member of Exerto you will get free access to high competence both on the web site and by Email. The electronic supervisor can help you find programs suitable for you based on your criteria. And of cource, you can contact us at any time using Email and get help from our experts.

Technical tips:

Have you tried to connect you computer to your TV?
At most of todays TV's it is easy to connect your computer so that you can exercise in front of a large screen, this goes for homecinema as well. Have a look at your TV and computer to see if it's possible to connect using HDMI or VGA cabel.
If it's to complicated or you can't get it to work, have a talk to your local TV dealer.

If the screensaver starts while you are exercising, you need to adjustments the settings for your screensaver. You can either turn it off or adjust the time before it starts.

Stop during playback.
If the exercise movies stop and stutters during playback it normally is caused by either the quality or capacity of your broadband or your Internet suppliers backbone.

Here are a couple online-tests you could run to check capacity and quality of your broadband:



We recommend you to run the test towards Nederland by moving the map towards Europe/ Netherland and clicking on the white dot saying Haarlem/ Amsterdam.

It's also recommended to do some cleanup at your computer by deleting old files, run disk cleanup/ defragmenting etc. This will help your computer run faster. You'll find both software (like ccleaner) and articles describing how to speed up your computer on the net.

We also recommend you to have the latest version of your operating system, drivers and software.