About Exerto

At Exerto.com you can either sign up for free membership and get access to 10 different exercise programs or sign up for full membership and get full access to all programs, exercise guidance and personal trainer. Get full membership for only €3,75 / $4,99 pr month.

At Exerto.com you will find many different online exercise movies. This is complete programs with instructor, music and guidance which you can use for your exercising at home or when traveling.
By paying a monthly fee you will get full access to all te exercise programs at Exerto.com. Try it out for 14 days, if you're not satisfied you will get your money in return. There is no registration charge or lock-in period at Exerto.com, so it's easy to activate/ terminate you membership as you want. The monthly fee is charged from your creditcard via Payex (www.payex.com), in that way the safety is also taken care of.

All you need for using the exercise programs at Exerto.com is an computer connected to Internet (broadband). For a event better experience you can connect your computer to your TV or home cinema.

At Exerto.com you will find a broad specter of different exersice programs in different categories, and it is filled constantly with new ones. Maybe you have a wish for a new program?
On the right side you will find a list of the exercise programs, which can also see in the program choose at the front page.
As a member of Exerto.com you can also get free advice from a personal trainer where you by email can ask questions about exercising and get guidance regarding your needs and goals.
At Exerto.com there is also an electronic guide which will help you find exercise programs suitable for you. 
All exersice programs can be added to you own calendar program such as Outlook or Google calendar.

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These are the Exercise programs at Exerto.com of today:
(several new programs every week...)


LBT w/ Simon 30 min
SkiFit Beginner w/ Mark 40 min
Skifit Advanced w/ Mark 30 min
Fitnessball 1 w/ Simon 40 min
Fitnessball 2 w/ Michelle 30 min
Boydesign Techniue w/Atle 5 min
Bosu Beginner w/ Craig 35 min
Bosu Intermediate w/ Craig 30 min
Dumbell Beginner w/ Simon 20 min
Balance Pad w/ Simon 12 min
Floor Core w/ Porscha 20 min
Butt You Can 1 w/ Porscha 15 min
Butt You Can 2 w/ Porscha 35 min
Resistance band w/ Craig 17 min
Circuit Beginner w/ Craig 52 min
OxySculpt w/ Porscha 28 min
Basic 1 Shoulders w/ Porscha 28 min
Basic 2, Back w/ Porscha 35 min
Basic 3, Chest w/ Porscha 40 min
Basic 4, Core w/ Porscha 19 min
Basic 5, Legs w/ Porscha 31 min
Basic 6, Power Express w/ Porscha 21 min
Shape w/ Porscha 22 min
Core w/ Porscha 22 min


Latin Isolation w/ Alexis

10 min

Latin Merenge Intro w/ Alexis 15 min
Latin Salsa Intro w/ Alexis 20 min
Latin Chachacha Intro w/ Alexis 20 min
Afromoves 1 w/ Madeleine 30 min
Latin Hip Hop w/ Alexis 30 min
Salsa Footwork w/ Alexis 30 min
Afro Latin w/ Alexis 30 min


Oxybox Technique w/ Porscha 7 min
Oxybox Basic w/ Porscha 30 min
Oxybox Energy w/ Porscha 45 min
CardioCombat Basic w/ Michael 30 min
CardioCombat Intermediate w/ Michael 30 min
CardioCombat Advanced w/ Michael 45 min



Flexibility w/ Simon 20 min



Cycling Beginner w/ Michelle 30 min
Cycling Intermediate w/ Michelle 50 min
Cycling Advanced w/ Michelle 55 min
Eliptical Beginner w/ Craig 35 min
Eliptical Intermediate w/ Michelle 30 min
Magnetic bike Beginner w/ Craig 35 min
Magnetic bike Intermediate w/ Craig 35 min
Rowing Beginner w/ Simon 10 min
Rowing Intermediate w/ Simon 20 min
Jamaica Soca w/ Porscha 20 min
Treadmill Beginner w/ Craig 30 min
Treadmill Advanced w/ Michelle 45 min
Aerobic Intermediate w/ Michelle 35 min
Corebar Convention w/ Anita 56 min